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Earth 2 is a futuristic concept for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correspond to user generated digital virtual environments. These environments can be owned, bought, sold, and in the near future deeply customized.


A virtual 1:1 scale version of Earth is inevitable and Earth 2 is the beginning of this exciting future. Phase 1 is now live and represents the central global body that aims to determine ownership of digital assets and property inside this futuristic virtual metaverse of Earth.


Phase 1 of the game was released in November 2020, where users are able to buy virtual land in 10 meter x 10 meter tiles anywhere in the world, with real money. Land prices increase as more users buy tiles, so many have made an extraordinary amount of money in the beginning phase of this game. The developers state that in Phase 2, resources will be added and users will be able to make money from the resources on the land they own